Batavus, Competition – 1981

A beautiful example of a racing bicycle which indicates very well were Batavus was up to in the beginning of the eighties, the Competition.

This Batavus Competition was a good competitor of several high-end racing bicycles like the Koga-Miyata’s at that time (Andries Gaastra founder and owner of Koga being the former CEO of Batavus), and was for instance as well fitted completely with the beautiful Shimano 600 Arabesque equipment.

Competition by Batavus

The size 60 cm mother of pearl white frame and front fork are made of Ishiwata chrome-molybdenum steel, indicated by Batavus as ‘022’. The front and rear fork ends are nicely chromed to avoid scratches when changing wheels

Shimano 600

Something not to be missed on this bicycle is the leather Brooks Colt saddle, which was fitted already when the bicycle was bought new in 1981; quality never goes out of style.

Brooks Colt

A beautiful vintage racing bicycle in an overall excellent condition, breathing the right atmosphere. You’ll find tons of highly detailed pictures at the: Batavus Competition gallery

This bike is now sold, and found a new home in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.