Giant, Peloton Lite – 1985

This posting is about a Giant model Peloton Lite which was produced in 1985.

Giant Peloton Lite 1985

It is one of the first racing bicycles which Giant supplied in The Netherlands. Giant started to sell racing bicycles (through Koga) in 1985; the frame of this bicycle was built at Giant in August 1984.

Giant Peloton Lite

This vintage racing bicycle has a beautiful metallic blue frame with a white headset, and it is fully Shimano equipped.

Indicated on the frame is ‘Quality touched by Koga’ and ‘Handbuilt in Holland’ – the size 60 cm. It’s meanwhile fitted with a time matching white leather Rolls saddle.

The bicycle is in mint condition, and really is very special. Find the whole gallery of pictures at; Giant Peloton Lite gallery

The bike has been sold and found a new caring owner in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.