Nishiki, Competition – 1978

Nishiki only produced racing bicycles of very high quality for a relatively short period of time; this Competition is one of them.


This Nishiki Competition is one of the last models with a frame hand-build by the Kawamura Cycle Co. in Kobe, Japan (*). The size of the frame is 58.5 cm and it’s build according to professional race geometry. Weight of the complete bicycle is only 9.8 kg.

(*) The brand, originated by West Coast Cycle in Los Angeles started only in the early seventies, there fore being named ‘American Eagle’. Customers thought that a product from Japanese origin should not have such a sound American brand name however. WCC then let Kawamura Cycle workers choose a Japanese brand name, which became Nishiki.

In the eighties competition became hard because of currency fluctuations. This led the company to source machine-build frames from Taiwan, and Giant became the new supplier of Nishiki’s frames.

The here mentioned Nishiki Competition is fitted with Gran Compe brakes and the shifting is handled by the miraculous SunTour Cyclone dérailleur. The saddle is made by Taihei.

The cranck-set used at this model is the Sugino Super Mighty, while the original Sakae handle bar and Shimano 600 hubs on Araya rims, have been replaced for the better at original delivery of the bike in 1979 by a Campagnolo handle bar and stem, and Campagnolo hubs with Mavic rims.